Signs You Need a New Roof

A leaking roof isn’t the only sign that you might need a new roof. In fact, unless it’s an extremely unusual situation, such as minor roof damage, a leaking roof is a sign that you needed a roof a while ago and didn’t get to it. But a roof is an easy thing to overlook, and unless a homeowner has regular roof inspections, they can be unaware of the condition of their roof until something happens. But, even without inspections, there are some undeniable signs which can determine if a new roof is on the horizon. Here are some of those signs:

Missing granules

We can replace your roof an paint your home exterior, as well!

We can replace your roof an paint your home exterior, as well!

The lack of granules on a roof indicates that it has been beaten down by rain, wind, and sun. Granules to a roof are like tread on a tire. The less there is, the closer a homeowner is getting to a leak. It’s best not to wait until granules are too far gone, as leaks cause considerable damage.

It’s old

Once a roof is 20 years old (depending on the material) there is a strong likelihood that it will be worn out and need to be replaced soon. While this isn’t a hard and fast rule, it’s a good one to keep in mind. Replacing an old roof is cheaper than replacing an old roof which has created water damage.

Curling, cracked, or missing shingles

While shingles only represent the part of a roof the homeowner can see, they can also be indicative of the condition of a roof as a whole. When a roof starts losing shingles, or when shingles begin to curl from old age, these are signs that the roof is no longer adequate.

Neighbors replacing their roofs

A sub-development where neighbors have begun to replace their roofs may be a sign for the homeowner to start looking for an experienced professional roofing company. Since many homes are the same age and likely built by the same contractor, the likelihood is that they will need to be replaced within a short time of one another.

When there is a question

If there are doubts in the homeowner’s mind, a good roofing company can do an inspection and assessment of the entire roof, including skylights, the fascia and soffit, and more. The time to replace the roof is when it needs it, not when it starts leaking and causes more problems. At the same time, it’s an injustice to sell a customer a new roof when the more logical and prudent course of action is repair.

If you have questions about your roof or are in the market for a new roof, give us a call. We can steer you in the right direction and provide a roof which will protect your home and family for decades.

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