Soffit And Fascia Repair And Installation in Phoenix Valley


What is a Soffit?

The soffit is the ‘ceiling’ of the overhang at the top of a wall, the portion of the roof a person sees when they stand beside a house and look up. Some buildings have soffit while others do not.

What is a Fascia?

The fascia is a vertical runner of wood that is between the outer edge of the soffit and the edge of the roof. On a house with no soffits, the fascia would be between the top of the wall and the edge of the roof.


What is the purpose of soffit and fascia?

As the soffit is the underside portion of the roof which rests between the building wall and the edge, it provides ventilation for the attic and protects the rafters. The fascia is the parallel edge around the roof which is connected to the edge of the trusses or rafters. Fascia protects the rafters.


Why are Soffits and Fascia Important?

In addition to adding beauty and character to the home, soffits and the fascia protects the rafters from the elements and stops mold and rot. It also prevents small animals from entering and nesting in your attic and rafters.


What causes soffit and fascia damage?

The weather which the soffit and fascia protect the rafters from can sometimes damage the soffit and especially the fascia. The damage can be caused by a missing or damaged drip edge or gutter which then allows the water to collect between the shingles and the gutter. Over the years, this will result in wood rot to the area, and the soffit and fascia in particular.