House Painting Contractors: Interior/Exterior, Serving the Entire Valley


Interior Painting

Interior painting offers value and beauty to a home interior. While many people can paint, few have the ability to paint well enough to achieve in the caliber of our craft.

Interior painting highlights the best features of a home while concealing flaws, which maximizes the eye appeal. By hiring a professional painting contractor, a homeowner has the opportunity to choose paint colors and textures as a reflection of their personality and taste but also benefits from the skills and experience a paint contractor has to offer.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is one of the prime ways a homeowner can protect their home from harsh elements. Because exterior painting is intrinsically linked to protection, we carefully evaluate and identify structural and cosmetic damage during our initial assessment.

A plan to paint your home includes the means to rectify cosmetic damage. This meticulous attention to detail maximizes the longevity of our exterior paint treatments.



Residential Painting FAQs:

What is the best time of year to paint the exterior of my house?


Because of the Valley’s high temperatures, the oft-quoted sentiment that spring and summer are the best times to paint don’t apply. Instead, it’s best to wait until late in the fall, after the monsoon season is over and before the winter rains start. The temperature should consistently be between 50 and 90 degrees for optimal curing of exterior paint. Of course, interior painting can be done at any time of the year,and timing is at the direction of the homeowner..


What parts of the Valley do you serve?


We are on the east side of the Valley! We serve the east side cities including Gilbert, Chandler, Casa Grande, Mesa, Apache Junction, Ahwatukee, Tempe, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Queen Creek.


Why is there such a large difference in price from one painter to the next? Doesn’t every painter do the same thing?


While it is true that every painter performs the function of painting, the optimal thing a homeowner wants when they pay for painting or any other home project is value. Our goal is to provide the highest possible value we can while charging reasonable rates. We do this by using quality paint and thorough preparation of the home prior to painting. The end result is a gorgeou paint job which will protect the building for an exceptionally long time.