Qualities to Consider When Selecting a Roof

In the process of selecting a roof, there are qualities which a homeowner should consider as part of the selection process. The result will be a product which combines the following elements:

Climate control


A roof is your first line of defense against the heat of the sun, meaning the choices for roofing materials can have a profound effect on the way your home feels. Dark asphalt shingles, for example, while beautiful and elegant, will absorb the heat rather than reflecting it. A lighter color will reflect more of the sun away from the roof and home, making it a more natural choice.

It’s sensible to evaluate the insulation properties and energy efficiency of the potential roofing materials before making a choice. Some homes can’t manage the weight of more substantial material.


Economics encompasses more than merely what a homeowner can afford, although that is also a worthy consideration. Economics also includes choosing the right roof for the circumstances at hand. A homeowner who isn’t planning on being in a house very long will be less apt to select a higher-end roof. A homeowner with a home in a high-end neighborhood is going to want a roof which will reflect his desire to maintain the property value.


A roof makes a significant impact on the appearance of a house. Choosing a new roof that will look attractive encompasses the architecture of the home, the colors, and even the neighborhood. Here in the Valley, neutral color tones are a prevalent option because they blend so magnificently with our desert surroundings. The color of the home and the roof should be compatible, and the roof should blend harmoniously with the architecture. No one wants a roof that looks funny on their home!

While these characteristics are not qualities we may deliberately consider when looking at new roof options; perhaps they should be. Installing or replacing a roof is an extraordinary opportunity to alter some of the essential facets of a roof: the appearance and the climate control properties. There are very few times in homeownership that such an opportunity presents itself. A well-informed homeowner will make a better choice for the reasons which are relevant to him.

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