Metal Roofing: Part 2

In our last blog, we discussed the fundamentals of metal roofing and materials. Today we’re going to talk about styles and cuts of roofing materials, including some of the popular new options

Common styles (or cuts) of metal roofing


Standing seam (or panel) sheets of metal roofing come in three classic styles. These each provide different looks to a home, and from a wider point of view are popularly considered nostalgic or quaint. R-Panels are more economical than other cuts of metal roofing available today.

R-panel sheets are the lowest in maintenance. Labor costs are typically lower when choosing r-panel due to ease of installation. The sheets lay flat across the roof, and come in the full spectrum of roofing colors available today.

Corrugated panels are considered the standard metal roof panel. Before other pressed sheets were available, metal roofs all over the United States were hallmarked by these wavy metal sheets. We don’t offer these because the R-panel option has so many more benefits and a terrific warranty.

Most metal roofing can be installed over other roofing materials and can be done at any time of the year. And although installation can be relatively quick and easy, it must be done right to avoid premature failure due to leaks through the seams.

Installing a metal roof is first and foremost a matter of choosing between the many options. Depending on budget, regional moisture, and the time the owner anticipates staying in the house after installation, the roofing contractor can help choose the best product. And following the decisions and delivery, sheets go up. Between manufacturer warranties and builder warranties, homeowners can feel that much more secure about one of the biggest investments they will ever put into their house.

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