How to Find a Great Roofing Company

Your roof protects your home, family, and belongings. When a roof fails, whether it be due to age, weather, or accidental damage, a homeowner needs a roofing expert who can determine whether the roof needs to be repaired or replaced, and the repair needs of the underlying structures.

Some roofs are very steep.

Some roofs are very steep.

Today we’re going to talk about some of the ways a homeowner can find a great roofing company to meet his roofing needs in the event a repair or replacement is necessary, and what qualities a roofing company should exhibit.

On the job

Since roofing is a highly visible profession, many homeowners find a roofing company on the roof of a nearby structure. Homes which are built in the same neighborhood are made at the same time, which means the roofs will wear out at the same or similar rate. So, when a homeowner sees the neighboring homes being re-roofed, he will know his turn is coming soon.

Online reviews

Our tech-savvy society now can find the best kind of roofing company via online ratings and reviews of their skills. Reviews mean that fly-by-night or shady companies get shut down fast by disgruntled reviewers who will tell the world if a roofer ‘took the money and run’ or did a shoddy job.


Licensed, bonded, and insured

It’s worth having a roofing company who has the creds for some back up to go with their assurances. It takes some commitment to become a licensed roofer. While you’ll love using a handyman for some projects, if he slips off your roof and breaks his leg, you could be liable. If there is a problem with the repair, having a bond in place assures you that there is some recourse.

Referrals from family, friends, or pros

Word of mouth is the highest compliment a customer can give a business. If your cousin or friend or someone in the building industry recommends someone, it’s because they were happy with the job. A homeowner can benefit from the experiences of friends and coworkers.

Even tradespeople from other service professions know the good from the bad since service professionals frequently have to cooperate on jobs. We see each other on new builds, remodels, and jobs requiring more than one skillset. We know each other because a quality-minded business or homeowner will insist on using the best of the best. As a contractor’s esteem goes up in the building community, he will find himself working in better neighborhoods with a better class of subcontractors.

Sample their work before an emergency

If you need a small but non-essential repair, it will give you a chance to see their work firsthand. If you like their work, you can add them to your contacts, and call with confidence if there is an emergency.

For example, we do painting, drywall installation and repair, skylight repair and replacement, and soffit and fascia repair. If a homeowner has a situation where he needs those services, it’s an excellent opportunity to meet us and see how we operate. The essential thing is that once we establish a connection through a small job, it’s easier to call us when it’s time for the bigger jobs.

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