Hire a Pro for Excellent Drywall Repair

Creating the shell for the interior of your home can take a toll on drywall. While drywall, which is comprised primarily of gypsum, is beautiful when it’s in good repair, if it becomes damaged, it can be unsightly. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the ways drywall can be damaged, and when it might be time to have drywall repaired by an experienced professional.


An excellent drywall repair is nearly unnoticeable.

An excellent drywall repair is nearly unnoticeable.

A plumbing leak or roof leak can cause significant drywall damage. Often, by the time the homeowner sees the water, the drywall is already compromised. The plumbing or hole in the roof should be repaired immediately. After the cause of the leak has been resolved, and the area around the drywall is dry and mold-free, then the drywall can be fixed. Drywall which has gotten wet is weakened and will not hold up properly.

Hits or scrapes

One of the easiest ways to damage drywall is by flinging a door open too hard, causing the doorknob or tip of the lock lock to swing into the drywall behind the door and right through the drywall.

Sometimes, the process of moving furniture in or out of the home can result in a miscalculation. Small nicks and dents in the drywall can be repaired with joint compound as part of the interior painting process. However, damage to a more extensive section should be fixed immediately, such as cracks or damage to drywall tape.

Another cause of damage are items scraping against the drywall. If your paint is still in good shape, and no actual harm occurred to the drywall, itself, try a household or eraser sponge on the scuff mark. Work gently to keep the paint intact and undamaged.


Settling of an older home can sometimes cause a crack in the ceiling. We also recommend a pro repair a ceiling crack, since settling can sometimes result in uneven edges which need to be screwed back into place.

Some of the ways drywall can be repaired by either patching a particular piece or by replacing it altogether. Once the old or damaged part is cut out of the wall, the new section is installed and sealed with tape and compound, sanded, textured, and painted to match the rest of the room. A drywall repair professional can do an excellent repair on larger areas of damage, and a pro will save a homeowner both the trouble of doing the repair and the struggle of trying to make it unnoticeable.

If a homeowner wants to keep their drywall and home looking its best, hiring a pro to repair the more significant drywall issues will offer the best possible results in the event of drywall damage.

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